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The Nautilus Maldives

A highly personalised, immensely private luxury resort in Maldives tailored for you. Gourmet Dining. Specious Rooms. Ocean View. Excellent Service. Amenities: Free WiFi, Swimming Pool, Gym, Sports Court, Spa and Wellness Service, Diving and Snorkling, Water Sports.

Villas / Rooms

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Gourmet bounty in beach-house ambience
Gourmet bounty in beach-house ambience

Our beachfront all-day dining venue wraps you in a welcoming beach-house ambience with a bounty of gourmet flavours that bring happiness with every bite.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Fine Dining
Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Fine Dining

Our signature restaurant showcases Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavours – pure olive oils from the Aegean, freshly baked crusty breads, aromatic Turkish teas. All exquisitely crafted and served in refined comfort.

Prepare for an intimate dinner date that lasts the whole night

Dine in the freedom of your own private home, with a menu tailored to your personal tastes and preferences. Seconds, thirds, dessert – all at your discretion. A live band plays acoustic music well into the night, as a wash of stars ignite the sky.

Breakfast aboard a yacht any time of day.

Wake up slowly to the magnificent views of the Baa atoll’s tourmaline seas. Meet us at the pier in your own time to step aboard Nautilus One, your private yacht for as long as you decide. Indulge upon your private breakfast that is sure to delight your taste buds. Sparkling seas, sweeping panoramas and bespoke handmade treats; this is the ultimate floating breakfast in the Maldives.

Enjoy a private barbecue dinner on a secluded sandbank in the stunning Baa Atoll

Imagine your own secluded sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a beautiful setup created just for you, a private barbecue chef to craft your bespoke dream menu and make your intimate soiree a truly magical one. Lounge on the beach, dine, imbibe, share and bask in the freedom of simply being.


Immerse yourself in the energy of a Maldives spa at the island Solasta Spa, a natural haven of wellness surrounded by serene and sparkling seas. Solasta Spa specialises in the bespoke, designing wellness programmes and daily rituals that refresh and relax, pamper and protect. And our overwater yoga pavilion is a sanctuary of movement, mindfulness and release.


Glide above a vivid world that defiesimagination. There is nothing more liberating than spending time among the corals and sea life of our UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Guests are free to borrow snorkelling equipment free of charge throughout your stay and experience snorkelling in Maldives. The majesty of the Baa Atoll begins where the water meets the sands, just steps from the deck of your Beach House. And if you’re staying in an overwater Ocean House, the steps from your deck descend directly into this underwater world. Vibrant corals and teeming sea life frame every snorkelling adventure, with opportunities to witness dolphins, mantas and other marine life at every turn – all within easy swimming distance of The Nautilus.


Staying fit is important wherever you are in the world. The wide range of Maldives wellness retreats and gym facilities offered by The Nautilus enables you to stay healthy and fit during your vacation. The modern and fully equipped gym is open to guests with 24 hours access.

The Arena

Try your hand at futsal, badminton, tennis or volleyball on our multi-purpose sports court. Compete against your loved ones, or our team would be delighted to have you join them in a match. We can also set up beach volleyball and beach futsal for you. Let the games begin”

Water Sports

Slip just beneath the surface to deep blue waters and experience freedom without care. Hunt for natural treasures, explore hidden reefs or float weightlessly alongside gentle giants of the sea. The UNESCO Biosphere of Baa Atoll is home to kaleidoscopic marine life unique to Maldivian waters, a wonderland of breathtaking experiences just waiting to be explored.


Just beyond the shores of The Nautilus exists a world beyond time, rich in natural beauty and elemental freedoms.

Promises That Transcend Time

Surrender to love’s heart-warming embrace on the untouched shores of your own desert island, or on a far-flung castaway sandbank amidst surrounding turquoise waters. Our wedding team will help make all of your whims and wishes come true by delivering a wedding celebration you will never forget upon your chosen island location; pure heaven.

Timeless Romance

Exceeding all expectations of what is possible, The Nautilus allows you to celebrate your chosen moment in exactly the way you decide. From honeymoons to the renewal of vows, or babymoons to anniversaries, we are here to make sure this intimate moment is treasured.

Head for open waters on a big-game fishing expedition that can last a few hours or the entire day

Amidst the bounty of the Baa atoll, fishing has been integral to the Maldivian way of life for millennia. Take part in this tradition with an outing based on your skill level and experience from the comfort of your private boat. Fully equipped with all the best modern game fishing gadgets, put your skills to the test with the big-game tactics, or opt for bottom fishing if you prefer, and witness grouper, job fish, white snapper, barracudas or even emperor fish.

After all the excitement, enjoy a magnificent banquet of freshly sushi and sashimi, or ever opt to indulge in your own catch once you’ve returned to the island. This is your private outing for as long as you decide.

Your own private screening on a distant sandbank under starry skies

Imagine a tantalising bespoke private dinner and private screening upon your secluded sandbank under starry skies – where you and your loved ones are the only people in the world who’ve been invited.

Your impromptu private cinema will project any film you desire – from the latest release to a timeless classic, accompanied by your bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks. Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke selection of gourmet snacks and drinks. Whenever time is right for you, take your seat at your private table with panoramic views and enjoy bespoke BBQ dishes prepared exactly to your tastes. This is showtime in your time.

Swim with manta rays and join in their timeless dance

Experience Hanifaru Bay, one of the largest manta feeding hotspots in the world, and witness the majestic manta rays perform their timeless, mesmerising whirling dervish. Learn from our resident marine biologist about the magic of these beautiful creatures before your private guided manta experience, just 30 minutes from The Nautilus via luxury speed boat. Visiting this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve feels as if you’re entering into a new world altogether