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Lux* North Male Atoll Resort & Villas

Discover a new level of luxury in paradise, with a Maldives holiday at the 5-star LUX* North Male Atoll Resort & Villas.

Villas / Rooms

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Unexpected journeys are the most exciting, and INTI sweeps you to the culinary heights of Peru and Japan, with a live sushi and ceviche bar and outdoor terrace for dramatic views of the Indian Ocean.

Simple, clean and sharply executed, the finest and freshest fish, meat and vegetables find perfect balance on a taste tight-rope between two dazzlingly distinct cultures. Savour octopus with black olive mayo, Tiradito breads and smoky guacamole - or take in a five-course fresh fish Cerviche tasting. Sip on an iced Peruvian beer, warm sake or Pisco sour as the smells and sounds of Peru and Japan stir the sensory feast.

Served with imaginative sophistication, these are dishes by local and international masters that make INTI not only memorable, but truly inspirational.


At LUX* North Male Atoll’s pulse point, Glow is a true meeting spot of people and cuisines - dishing up an all-day menu that’s creatively international yet always in step with island life.

With shimmering views of the ocean, Glow rises with the sun to serve a fresh and far-reaching breakfast buffet of round-the-world gastronomic delights. As the day beats on, the a la carte menu and expansive delicatessen offerings rise to the fore - and the global flavours only deepen as we slip into the night with an around-the-world gastronomic dinner.

Elegant and stylish from the inside out, enjoy the view from your table on the outdoor terrace - and the very best in creative, international cuisine.


Bright, light and always on the beat, Beach Rouge is the prime location to kick back with views across the pool, the lagoon and the Indian Ocean beyond.

With relaxed Mediterranean elegance, drop the pace for a long, and relaxed lunch, or turn on the style for a romantic dinner at the water’s edge. Laze in the shade for brunch - with long drinks and longer shadows - and a day-to-night menu that invites sharing. From Spanish tapas to wood fired pizza and charcoal grilled seafood and meat, the emphasis is on simple quality ingredients, freshly cooked and placed at the middle of the table. It’s a place for flavours and good company to mix freely - and that extends to sunsets toasted with mixologist-made cocktails and our own resident DJ.


Enter by a secret door and descend to a special, hidden chamber for an unforgettably unique dinner experience for only you and your select guests.Stuning aquarium of dazzling fishes, Barium’s divinely seductive decor is only the start of truly bespoke journey towards enduring memories.

Located beneath The Bar, this private and secluded area is the ultimate, ethereal spot for a personalised celebration or a special event - a place where moments are weaved into an evening that is yours and yours alone.

As personal butlers lead you through tailor-made menus, and the most delicately innovative food by our award-winning chefs, the quality is sublimely sensory. Attention is in every single detail as the finest dishes are complemented with world leading wines selected with the help of our sommelier.


From openly elegant to intimately luxurious, Glow Bar is poised at the convergence of all LUX* North Male Atoll's paths, transforming subtly from day through to late, long evening.

Nestled just next to Glow, the main restaurant, Glow Bar is your go-to spot for a refined menu of bites and refreshments. By day, the feel is island inspired watering hole - that lightly uplifting glass of wine or special martini, with a daring dash of South Beach style.

Slipping into the night, we pull up a seat at a sophisticated speak-easy - find a unique cognac or devilish cocktail to melt into a soundtrack that’s addictively original.


Excellent coffee is at the heart of every day - always a must, never a luxury. That’s why you’ll find a Café LUX* at the centre of the action at LUX* North Male Atoll.

Café LUX* has revolutionised the world of hotel and resort coffee, and our commitment remains clear: to offer our guests the finest barista-made coffee. Great coffee begins with freshly ground beans, so we roast our own. Our specialist baristas keep up with all the latest trends and techniques–including Cold Press and Pour Overs.

Bespoke ‘pod’ machines and a variety of Café LUX* blends allow guests to enjoy an aromatic cup in their villa, and even back at home.


A holiday without ice cream? Not on our watch Our guests deserve the very best, so we created our very own ice cream parlor, ICI, including in-house ice cream production facilities. You will find it right next to Beach Rouge, with the big colourful sign inviting you in for a delicious treat to cool off from the sun. Take your time and try all of the innovative flavours including the homemade waffle cones and various toppings.


At LUX* North Male Atoll, wellness achieves a higher state of clarity with a translucent over-lagoon spa.

Step into the incredible glass cubes of our over-water LUX* Me Spa sanctuary, and the pristine reef waters beneath your feet will begin your process of nourishment and renewal.

Our approach to wellness and beauty is designed to achieve a harmony between environment, ancient tradition and modern expertise. Wellness guru Shirley Page has teamed up with LUX* to create a range of treatments to purify body and spirit and our therapists tailor bespoke restorative programs that integrate our hallmarks of contemporary wellbeing.

Let our therapists get to know the rhythms of your mind and body, so that they can craft the ideal approach - one that is unique to you - be it total relaxation, detoxification, a restorative program, or a full healing treatment. Should you be in the mood for a treatment in the privacy of your own villa, our therapists are happy to customize it indoors or on your rooftop with the waves as your soundtrack.

Free your body of tiredness and toxins with our LUX* ME product range, which combine the purest organic ingredients - including essential oils crafted using spices and flowers from the bountiful islands of the Maldives. Indeed - drawing inspiration from the mystical archipelago - the LUX* ME Spa is a place devoted to the cultivation of truly bespoke beauty, balance and peace.


If you’re excited by the idea of water-skiing but haven’t yet taken to the waves, then Knee Boarding is the perfect starting point for kids and beginners. Our friendly expert team will show you how to begin riding the water - and soon you’ll be hooked on the close-to-surface sensation of cutting waves and creating some serious spray.


A romantic glide across the azure Atoll waters, or a high seas adventure with friends and family - you chart the course for your own personal luxury catamaran.

Comfortable and spacious, it’s the most free-spirited way to take a voyage of discovery among the surrounding islands and reefs of the Maldives. Seek out the most sensational sunset or find your own private snorkeling safari spot… the warm winds will help your imagination set sail.


Power up and ride the surf at adrenaline pumping speed with our first-class fleet of jet skis.

We’ll handle tuition and safety - you’ll push your skills to the limit. And if the thrills of our wave runners get too hot, just jump in and cool off.


Glide beneath the glittering sea surface and watch the incredible underwater world unfurl through the wide windows of our fun and informative Semi-Submarine excursions. By day or night - or for private, bespoke trips - you’ll go deeper into the Indian Ocean’s marvellously vibrant marine habitat, passing teeming coral reefs and watching the turtles, fish weave through the pristine turquoise waters. For the most memorable experience try a night voyage too, where some of the Maldives’ most mysterious sea creatures may ghost past your viewing window.


An exhilarating way to work the wind, waves and body, windsurfing also delivers zen-like moments of calm as you master the tropical elements alone.

Whatever your level, we’ll provide everything you need to get the wind in your sail, and the Indian Ocean spray on your skin.


The waters of the Atoll are the ideal place to learn to sail or advance your skills - and there’s no more exciting way to harness the speed of the wind than aboard a catamaran. Fast, sleek and safe this super-fun sailing boat will have you cutting up the waves and rushing with the wind, in true luxury style.


True luxury has no limits, and our unrivalled fleet of yachts is ready to take you on your own, once-in-a-lifetime, getaway. Our yachts are sleek, super comfortable and stocked with the finest amenities. Whether for a loved one, or family and friends, the yacht is your exclusive vessel, waiting to whisk you as far as your inspiration desires.

Design a day like no other, and set off on your private yacht for the most magical moments in the Maldives. Linger over a romantic sandbank lunch, or savour a sunset dinner aboard the yacht. Let our water wizards help you plan the perfect snorkelling trip and dolphin quest - or guide you to an island that is yours and yours alone for a picture-book picnic.


The warm, calm and crystal clear waters of the lagoon are an unparalleled paradise for snorkelling - the most peaceful way for guests of all ages to swim amongst the beautiful marine life.

We’ll equip you with all you need to begin your own aquatic adventure, with unbeatable viewings of stingrays, coral fish, baby black-tip reef sharks - and even the occasional manta ray.

You’ll learn more about the vast biodiversity of the Maldives and have the opportunity to go on a turtle quest - or even snorkel at night.


You’ve got the hang of waterskiing - now strap both feet on ‘le mono ski’, a thrill-ride best described as skateboarding on water. Opening up a whole new playground of tricks, jumps and wave cutting curves this is a challenge you’ll love to learn to master.


As you take in the majesty of a Maldivian sunrise or sunset, our fishermen will help you get the hang of hooking in some of finest sustainable fish in the Indian Ocean. With such an abundance beneath the gentle waves, you should catch a few to cook up for a flavoursome fish lunch or dinner.


Adrenaline junkies apply within for the ultimate air-borne thrill ride

With the expert training and safety support of our team, it’s time to hone your skills and balance - and pull off a full 360 degree flip in front of your friends.


For an experience that is truly unique - and your own personal bubble of underwater fun - the Seabob allows you to dive deep and cruise the world beneath the waves at a faster pace. A technologically advanced way to drive above the sea bed, this is an adventure like no other - and an opportunity to chart a magical course through the submerged secrets of the reefs and atoll.


It’s not big or clever - it’s just the brilliant blast of a banana ride that excites every child, (and the kid in any adult). Hold tight and let the boat pull you across the rolling waves for some high-speed bouncing thrills.


Immerse yourself in the magical marine world of the Maldives - home to some of the world’s finest dive sites, with a rich abundance of ocean and lagoon life.

Learn to dive - or add unique new experiences to your dive book - with the dedicated assistance of our five-star PADI diving centre. Our expert professionals are on hand to help you enjoy the ultimate underwater experiences - day and night.


The Maldives is an otherworldly place where land, sea and sky come together like nowhere else - and the artistic and cultural heritage of the atolls reflects this unique perspective.

An excursion to Gaafaru island is an opportunity to imbibe yourself with the rich history and living colour of Maldivian culture and heritage.

Closer to home, unleash your creative side with LUX* North Male Atoll's very own art studio, where local Maldivian artists share their knowledge, inspiration and craft with our curious guests and visitors - and you can express your imagination at anything from traditional painting to contemporary photography.