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Visit Maldives launches virtual event management platform


Visit Maldives launches virtual event management platform

Visit Maldives launches its very first virtual event management platform today. The modern platform named, “My Virtual Maldives” will amplify audience engagement and networking by connecting attendees from across the globe through hosted online events ranging from virtual exhibitions, roadshows, webinars to trainings and live marketing events targeting the travel trade and consumers alike. The web-based format allows the highest accessibility and easy navigation enabling attendees to experience the power of going virtual on our robust platform and its features such as, AI-powered matchmaking, smart Lead Generation, Virtual Booths, Hybrid Engagement & Networking Tools, Real Time Support, Live Video Calls & Text Chat, Secured 1 on 1 Meetings Video Meetings with Screen Share, Networking Lounge (2, 4 or 10 people), Fully branded Auditorium with Live Chat, Poll & Q&A, Unlimited Attendees can attend at any given time, Do business in your Time Zone & Local Language as well as Games & Contests for longer Attendee Engagement

Every area of the platform depicts a unique charm of the Maldives presented in 3D graphics. The Isles Main Lobby of the platform portrays the natural beauty and the unique geographical formation of the scattered islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons. The Isles Main Lobby directs to the different areas of the platform. The Barefoot Beach Conference designed for in the theme of “movie under the stars” is designated for webinars virtual conferences and livestreams, the Sunny side Exhibition Hall inspired by overwater villas is for Virtual Exhibitions, the Underwater Networking Suite depicting the world famous underwater dining is for one-on-one meetings during events, the social wall for attendees to interact virtually during the events through comments and likes, and the contest area for raffle draws. Additionally, there are other functions such as translation services, interactive features for engagement and the support function that assists users navigate through the platform with ease via a chat function.

The first event hosted on My Virtual Maldives was the Webinar training series (session 1) held to educate the French Travel Trade about the Maldives in French language. Different types of virtual events targeting the travel trade and consumers in key target markets are scheduled to be held on My Virtual Maldives throughout the course of the year. These events will also create the opportunity for participation by the Maldives Tourism Industry partners similar to other online and offline activities by Visit Maldives.

Having pivoted marketing activities to digital platforms during the pandemic, Visit Maldives conducted successful online campaigns to remind consumers through immersive content to dream about the Maldives and reassure the target markets through the message that Maldives is one of the safest destinations to travel during this period due to its unique geographic dispersion of islands and stringent safety measures in place. A digital first strategy has helped greatly through the virtual world in leaving a mark on the target markets which is reflected today in the tourist arrival numbers.

Visit Maldives have been utilising traditional as well as creative and innovative platforms and means to market the Maldives. The launch of My Virtual Maldives is a big step forward in marketing the Maldives as a tourist destination. The platform will further the marketing efforts to revitalize Maldives tourism in the face of the pandemic.


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